Vintage sounding overdrive made with carbon comp resistors for a pure vintage sound ! Our TubeDreamers offer a lot more clarity than typical overdrive units. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be lost or buried !

Comes in 4 versions :

  • TubeDreamer 72 : Our signature Vintage overdrive pedal. It is our most transparent overdrive, made for those that need to have the sound of their cranked tube amp, at a lower volume. Our “secret” chip offers unique tone, throughout the range of gain and tone settings, and along with an asymmetrical clipping circuit it always remains absolutely responsive even to the most subtle nuances of your playing, just like a tube amp would !
  • TubeDreamer+ : Our Flagship Vintage overdrive pedal ! An extended version of our TD72 with a High Gain stage, tailored for those that need just a touch more gain than they can get from a typical overdrive. With the HighGain switch you can boost your TubeDreamer sound and depending on your gain setting, you can either achieve a thicker, creamier overdrive sound, or touch the limits of a sweet, fat vintage distortion sound !
    Our newest addition and improvement is an internal trimmer that regulates the output level of the high gain switch, so you can choose between a boosted signal, or maintaining the same volume when in high gain mode.
  • TubeDreamer 58 : Our take on the greatest Tubescreamer 808 you could ever get ! This pedal offers a carefully tuned, added midrange frequency register, that delivers warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp ! A pivotal difference between the TD58 and other Tubescreamers, is that we chose to go with 3 diodes for asymmetrical clipping instead of symmetrical, enhancing the responsiveness of the pedal to fretting and picking nuances, just like your favourite tube amp ! The TD58 offers its classic sound through using the JRC4558D chip just like in the original 808’s. If you’re after that classic Stevie Ray “howl”, then this is the pedal for you !
  • TubeDreamer 88: Our dual Vintage overdrive ! A TD72, followed by a TD58 with a high gain stage you can engage with a toggle switch. Made for those that want an original 808 sound, with the option for higher gain, and the more transparent TD72 sound. Use either pedal or both at the same time, having three different overdriven sounds available at any time !


TubeDreamer users :John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, Nels Cline, Dweezil Zappa, Alex Skolnick, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Adrian Legg, Julien Kasper…

“The TubeDreamer+ produces a very smooth distortion that sounds like an extension of what I am already playing.” John Abercrombie

“I’m back on tour now and have also the TubeDreamer58 with me in my pedalboard.”Bill Frisell

“The TubeDreamer88 is a great pedal, i dont need my original 808s anymore ! The combination of the two pedals in one is very thoughtful, the boost switch is not just a switch, it’s great option, too !” Axel Heilhecker

“The JAM TubeDreamer88 can give any amp a warm tube-like sound ! It has many different options for tones, including classic and modern gain.” Alex Skolnick

“The TubeDreamer72 is a shouting pedal !” Adrian Legg



  • True-Bypass
  • Controls : Level , Tone, Gain, High Gain switch (TD+, TD88)
  • It works with a 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC-adaptor (negative tip)
  • It uses only 6mA of power when ON
  • Dimensions : 111 x 60 x 32 mm (TD72, TD58) , 120 x 94 x 30 mm (TD+, TD88)
  • Limited Life-time warranty !

Samples 1, 2 : TubeDreamer72
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 3 : TubeDreamer+
(HighGain switch OFF-ON)
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 4 : TubeDreamer72
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 5 : TubeDreamer58
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 6 : TubeDreamer88
TD72 + TD58 (High Gain switch OFF)
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 7 : TubeDreamer88+Wahcko
TD58 (High Gain switch ON)
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 8 : TD72 + Delay Llama
1964 Gibson ES-335

Sample 9 : TD72 + BiG CHiLL + Delay Llama – 90s Ibanez Talman P-90s

Sample 10 : TD72 + RetroVibe
1964 Gibson ES-335

Samples 11,12 : TD72 + WaterFall
1964 Gibson ES-335

Samples 13-15 : TD72 + Dyna-ssoR + Delay Llama – 1964 Gibson ES-335


Sample 16 : TD72 + Delay Llama + ebow – Nik Huber Dolphin Custom

Sample 17 : TubeDreamer72
Fender Jaguar

Sample 18 : TubeDreamer58
Fender Jaguar

Sample 19 : TubeDreamer58
FILM – “Beast” (excerpt)
Fender Jazzmaster


Samples 1-7 by Julien Kasper (copyright 2010), recorded with:
amp : Marshall 1974x 1×12 18W combo reissue into 70’s Marshall 4×12 with 25W greenback Celestion speakers
: Close 4×12 – Sennheiser 409, Beyer 160 30cm back
Close 1×12 – Shure SM57, Royer 121
Ambient: RCA 44BX 5m back, AEA R-84 3m back and 30cm off the floor

Samples 8-15 by Adam Levy recorded with:
amp: 1970 Fender Princeton Reverb
mic: Lewitt MTP 440

Sample 16 by Jannis Anastasakis
amp :
Koch StudioTone
mic : Shure SM57

Samples 17,18 by Thanasis Dzingovic
amp : ’69 Fender Deluxe Reverb
mic : Shure SM57

Sample 19 by M.Zavitsanos (FILM)
amp :
Fender Bassman
mic : Shure SM57