The Concert Jumbo, a beautiful new shape!

In November 1998 after 26 years of building some of the finest steel string guitars ever constructed, James Goodall announced the addition of an exciting new box size. This is in response to increasing requests for a more comfortable, smaller body dimension than the Goodall Standard (near in size to the Dreadnought).

“the powerful, rich, and clear tone has exceeded my expectations”
The end result is a beautiful new shape called the Concert Jumbo. “The powerful, rich, and clear tone has exceeded my expectations,” James Goodall said of his new Concert Jumbo.

The Concert Jumbo series guitar is slightly smaller than the Standard series and larger than the Grand Concert series guitar. It is available with all the same fine options and wood choices as in all Goodall guitars.

Wide bout: 15 7/8 inches ~ Upper bout: 11 5/8 inches ~ Waist: 9 15/16 inches ~ Depth: 4 3/8 inches
Length of box: 20 inches ~ Overall guitar length: 40 13/16 inches ~ Scale length: 25 1/2 inches