A 335 with a chunky neck!

Introduced in 1958, the ES-335 has been a staple of rock, blues, and country players for years. The ES-335 “Fat Neck” – while not a full-on historic reissue – is tailored to be more like a vintage 1959 335 than the current production models. That starts with the thicker, ’50s-style neck carve made of mahogany. The Fat Neck also sports a thinner body style that’s much closer to the style of a vintage ’59 335. For pickups, the Fat Neck has ’57 Classic humbuckers for a tone that is pure, vintage Gibson. The coolest thing about the Fat Neck is that it’s built like a reissue, yet manages to be priced more moderately than a vintage reissue.

Gibson Memphis ES-335 Fat Neck at a Glance:

  • A Very Special 335
  • Fatter is Better
  • Two ’57 Classic Humbuckers Onboard

A Very Special 335
The first ES-335s that rolled off the Gibson production line have truly achieved legendary status. Maybe it’s the semi-hollow body design, the sound of its two humbucking pickups or just the simple elegance of the pearloid dot inlays. Whatever it is, it’s made the original 1950s ES-335s among the most sought-after guitars among collectors who are often happy to pay astronomical prices for instruments in good condition. Odds of even finding a dot neck 335 from the 1950s today are almost zero. The next best thing is to get your hands on the this ES-335 Fat Neck. It has the looks, the sound and the star power of the real thing.

Fatter is Better
The ES-335 Fat Neck sports a chunkier neck more similar to the original 1958 ES-335 neck. The fatter the neck, the fatter the tone, and these 335s are chock full of tone!

Two ’57 Classic Humbuckers Onboard
Most players agree that the ’57 PAF (Patent Applied For) humbuckers are as good as it gets when you’re talking about tone. It’s got it all: complex midrange, punchy lows and a smooth top end that won’t make your teeth hurt. If you’re looking for a pickup that starts out clean and can really smoke when your amp is on 11, well then, this just might be nirvana!

Gibson Memphis ES-335 Fat Neck Features:

  • Top Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-piece laminate
  • Back Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-piece laminate
  • Rim Species: Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-piece laminate
  • Finish: Cherry
  • Antiqued Finish
  • Center Block: 1-piece Maple
  • Top Binding: Single-ply Cream (Cream .093″)
  • Back Binding: Single-ply Cream (Cream .093″)
  • Strap Pin Locations: Back near heel, butt of rim assembly
  • Neck Species: Mahogany (one-piece neck)
  • Neck Shape: 1959 Round Profile
  • Neck Joint Location: 19th fret
  • Fingerboard Species: Rosewood
  • Bound Neck
  • Binding Color: Cream
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Inlay Type: Dot
  • Inlay Material: Pearloid
  • Nut Width: 1.6875″
  • Width @ 12th Fret: 2.062″ with binding
  • Hardware Plating: Nickel
  • Tailpiece: Stop bar
  • Bridge: ABR
  • Pickups: ’57 Classics
  • Case Included

Gibson Memphis ES-335 Fat Neck – The classic just like it was in ’59!