You asked for it… a single channel pedal designed to meet the demands of the metal player. (Warning, this pedal is definately not suitable for the clean player)

With more drive than our Custom Overdrive and a tone that is phat with a big bottom end and plenty of crunch up top, this beast will work well with both your normal and de-tuned guitars.

The Morpheus features our Sensi-Gate technology, so you can get rid of unwanted pickup noise, and keep your riffs tight and percussive.

The controls are
Drive: sweeps from medium to high drive.
Gate: Turned down, will disable the gate.
Turned half way. will give you the best control.
Turned to max, will give you a tight percussive effect.
Tone: sweeps from soft to bright to match your amp.
Volume: sets your preformance level.

All our pedals are hand made by us in New Zealand using the finest quality components.
Each pedal is individually tested to ensure the guitars natural tone shines through.

To read more about the Morpheus, click on the article from the NZ Musician magazine.

Morpheus Distortion

The track was recorded using a Les Paul.
The amp was a Super Reverb with a Shure microphone.
The desk was a Soundcraft connected to a Tascam 8 track RTR.
The desk guitar channel was set to flat and NO compression was used.
No post-production was done on the PC.
What you hear, is what you get.