The “Classic” harks back to the late 60’s and early 70’s era of classic british amplification.The “Classic” is a low to medium drive pedal that can be used to give your amp a “front end kick” or use it on its own for that “cranked amp” sound at any volume. If you are looking for that “non-master plexi” sound, then look no further.

The “Classic” has two modes, the first mode is a standard “master volume” type grind, the second mode adds more drive. The “Mid” and “Top” controls, allow you to match the tone of the pedal to your clean sound, or use them to “scoop” the mids.

This pedal sounds exactly as it looks. One customer (a vintage plexi owner) said: “the G2D Classic is as near to the real thing as you can get.”

As with most boutique pedal manufacturers, each pedal is hand-built and individually tested to ensure that each pedal preserves the guitars natural tone.

Thank you for choosing the G2D Classic overdrive pedal.
The G2D pedal has been designed with one thing in mind TONE.
The G2D features include TRUE bypass and TWO modes of operation (like adding two extra channels to your amp).
If TONE is what you are looking for, then we think you have chosen well.


VOLUME sets the balance between the pedal and amp.
MID is our unique design, it it sweeps from a woody vocal mid to a scooped tone.
TOP sweeps from mellow to bright to match your amp and guitar.
DRIVE sweeps from a mild edge to classic british grind.

Setting Up
Plug the G2D into your favourite amp and set the amp to clean.
Switch the G2D to CLEAN and adjust the amps volume to your performance level.
Switch the G2D to DRIVE and adjust the G2D VOLUME to balance with the clean sound.
Use the amps volume control to raise and lower your overall performance level.

Battery Power
The G2D is designed to work on 9 volt alkaline battery with a level of 7 to 9 volts.
If the battery voltage falls below 7 volts then the volume will drop and the LEDs will turn off.
If this happens then change the battery.

External Power
The G2D can be powered from a 9 volt DC power pack (standard Jap power pack).
The G2D current draw is approx 15 milliamps.
Plug connections are: Negative to center, Positve to sleeve.