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Approaching its fourth year of production, the Overdrive Supreme™ has received glowing reviews BOTH domestic and foreign publications. We recently received a very favorable review in Japan’s “Guitar” Magazine, as well as Guitar Player Magazine (February 2005). Guitar Player Magazine said: “The Overdrive Supreme™ certainly takes you straight to a satisfying tone zone with it’s unyielding clean response, and ability to remain detailed at very high gain levels. It also has that quality of being able to continue to inspire you the more you play. The Overdrive Supreme™ is available in power ranges from 20 through 150 watts. Available in heads or 112, 210  or 212 combos. The ODs features a full time effects loop which can handle both line and pedal level signals. It can be run in series or parallel modes, and remains live, whether used as a line out (to drive a mixer or sound system) or a line in (for guitar synth, keyboard, drum machine, etc.). A spacious Accutronics 3-spring long decay reverb pan is used for a natural warm, yet detailed reverb.

The clean channel has brite and deep switches, as well as a rock/jazz switch, which changes the way the tone controls operate. Rock is a more aggressive and punchy bright tone, which jazz is lean and audiophile-like, being more balanced and smooth. There are passive high mid and low controls. The high control pulls for a mid boost, the mid control pulls for gain boost (which bypasses the tone controls). The clean channel acts as a preamp to the overdrive channel, and the tone controls and EQ switches are all active during overdrive use, including all boosts. The overdrive channel features separate OD in and OD out controls. OD-in sets the level of saturation in overdrive, while the OD out control sets the final balance between clean and dirty channels. There is a global master volume, master reverb and accent control, which adds presence and edge to the output stage.

The entire audio signal path is fully tube (except reverb). The ODS features a regulated high voltage DC supply for lowest noise, consistent tone despite line voltage variations, and also features regulated DC preamp tube heaters for additional noise reduction. These techniques are used in the finest audiophile and tube studio equipment, and are unique to guitar amps.

The output stage features separate 4 and 8 ohm outputs, AC and standby switches, as well as a detachable IEC power cord and external fuse. The chassis is made of aircraft grade aluminum, finished in gold iridite for corrosion protection. We use a combination of point to point and circuit board construction. All tubes are chassis mounted, while the power and output transformers are mounted directly to the chassis. By using single point grounding, the amp is quiet and free of hum at all operating levels.

High current power transformers and audiophile grade output transformers are standard, and are custom built to our specifications.

The standard footswitch controls Overdrive and your choice of mid, gain or reverb (specify when ordering). Optional artist footswitches provide OD, Reverb, Mid and Gain Boosts (artist package) and OD, Mid, Gain, Reverb, FX bypass and mute (artist plus).

¾” solid wood cabinets with durable tolex coverings. Anodized aluminum 3-pc chassis with long-lasting silk screened labeling on rear panel and brushed aluminum overlay on the front panel. Heavy duty Cliff brand jacks. Solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers. Ultra-long-life neon pilot lamp and heavy duty AC power switch. Simple user adjustable bias (except 30-W which is cathode bias).

Tube compliment: 4 X 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 X 6V6 power tubes (20 Watt), 4 X 6V6 or 2 X 6L6 (30-Watt), 2 X 6L6 (50 Watt), 4 X 6L6 (100 Watt), 4 X 6550 (150 Watt).

Input Impedance – 1 Meg. Output impedance’s 4 and 8-Ohms.


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