ZIA DRIVEWhat is a Zia Drive? A very tight low compression overdrive pedal designed to be that perfect rhythm guitar box.

If you hate the feeling of sag in your fingers this is the box for you. It takes your 6L6 or 6V6 amp and gives it the chime of an EL84. If you have an EL84 amp it will boost that bottom end and make it sing at lower levels.

Early 70’s Stones fans will love the ZIA!!


Totally hand built/wired
Teflon wire throughout
Switch Craft jacks
Alpha full size potentiometers
Brightest Blue LED in the business
Uses standard negative tip 9V DC supply (not included) drawing 10mA
2 year warranty
Sound is NOT colored while bypassed
Not True Bypass – We tried true bypass, and we didn’t like it

Dimensions 2 1/4″ x 4 1/4″
The voicing of the Zia Drive is very tight with minimal compression put into your signal chain. Complex chord voicings will cut right through with your Zia Drive.
The Controls of the Zia Drive are very straight-forward.
Level Control – The Level Control is a master volume output for the pedal. This control limits the signal coming out of the Zia Drive pedal.
Gain Control – The Gain Control will control the amplification level of your pedal. This control will allow you more or less of an overdriven sound from your pedal. Turned all the way clock-wise will get you the greatest amount of gain from the pedal. Set the Gain at 9:00 and you will have a clean boost.
Tone Control – The Tone Control will allow you to color your sound brighter or darker. With your tone control in the 12:00 position the tone is at unity. Turning the knob clock-wise will add brightness to your sound, counter-clock-wise will add darkness to your sound.
Input / Output – The Input jack is located on the right side of the pedal when looking at your pedal’s face-plate. When you plug a cable into the input jack, the 9 Volt battery inside will be activated. If you are not using an external power supply, when the pedal is not in use it is best to unplug cable from the input jack in order to save battery life. The Output jack is located on the left side of the pedal.
Power Supply – The Zia Drive uses a standard style 9 Volt negative tip DC power supply. Use of incorrect power supply will cause permanent damage to the pedal and void the warranty. When a power supply is used, the battery is bypassed.
Warranty – This pedal is guaranteed to the original purchaser, to function properly for the period of 2 years. Any negligent use of this product will void all warranties.
Thank You,
Alan Durham
512-581-0663 512-581-0663 www.durhamelectronics.com