As a salute to the brilliant artistry of the godfather of the blues, Muddy Waters,  and the lasting impact his music has had on guitar players around the world, the Fender Custom Shop is proud to unveil the Muddy Waters Tribute Telecaster 2000. If you’ve thrilled to the classic sounds of Chicago blues, the Fender Muddy Waters Tribute Tele is for you.
The Muddy Waters Tribute Tele is an exact replica of the late ’50s Telecaster that was Muddy’s signature guitar for more than 30 years. Now hanging in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of  Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, Muddy’s Tele is as distinctive as the man himself, but also as simple and direct. The emphasis here is squarely on tone and vibe. The authentic specs give you the tone; the exact replication of 40 years of wear and tear give you the vibe.
To recreate this classic artist’s classic axe, Custom Shop R&D man George Blanda flew out to Cleveland and, with the  permission of the Hall of Fame, took rulers, calipers and gauges to Muddy’s Tele.
Every ding, scratch and eccentricity, even the amp knobs, has been faithfully recreated by the people who craft our popular Relic guitars. But don’t just hang it on the wall. With its girthy neck and its classic pickups and electronics, this Tele’s tone and feel give you all the legendary mojo the name Muddy Waters implies.
As a premium bonus, each Muddy Waters Tribute Tele comes with an accessory kit that will remind you what the Mojo man was all about. The Mojo Accessory Kit includes slide, capo, fingerpicks, thumb-pick, Muddy Waters: The Lost Tapes CD and a signed and framed poster of Muddy by famed Chicago blues photographer Raeburn Flerlage.