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Ever Green Compressor

For higher output and more intense compression than the PGC.

Voltage range is 8V-18V.

Product Description

The Ever Green Compressor is for Ever-ything else that people use compressors for that isn’t covered by the standard PGC. Take the PGC and tweak it out to do looonger and more intense compression…and give it a Decay control to reign the compression back in and you have the Ever Green
Compressor. It also features a lot more output gain for using it as a signal booster/enhancer. And yes…it’s just as dead quiet as the PGC until you get out to the extremes of compression time. This is what I use for slide, and the “faux feedback” is amazing.



Pete Thorn (Ever Green and Pale Green Compressors Comparison Vid)

Curtis Kent

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR:  Goodsell Super 17 (clean and gain settings), and a Tele with single coils…also tried a Strat with DiMarzio areas.

“Evergreen Compressor:  I wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did, as I’m not a user of hard/squashy compression, although I may have to rethink that after using this compressor. At its mildest settings you can hear it compressing but it’s still somewhat subtle, though not as subtle as the PGC. At more extreme settings, there’s a ton of compression and sustain available. I was playing at modest volume, and using the decay knob was able to get my amp to actually start feeding back (in a polite sort of way). HUGE sustain on this, paired it with fuzz and my strat and it sounded awesome with long, blooming notes, perfect for leads. Even without fuzz, there was a ton of sustain. It seemed to add some fatness as well. It was much quieter than I expected when using the Tele with single coils.”  (USA, May 2013)

2)  GEAR:  Gibson SG Standard through a 1960 Fender Concert 4×10

“evergreen compressor – I really liked this compressor. with the d knob you can pretty much turn this thing into the pine [sic] green or go all the way left and turn it into a great hard compressor sound. perfect for chicken pickin’ or funk.”   (USA, April 2013)

3)  [GEAR unavailable]

“EGC: A pretty heavy compression is available with this. Like most higher compression ration pedals, it cuts off some of the attack. In fact you can use this for a pumping effect (turn it up, hit it hard, the volume drops for a second then gradually comes back up). I don’t think I’ve ever played a compressor this enthusiastic. As ____ has mentioned, this one gives you almost infinite sustain and into a distorted amp it’s pretty cool to hang on to notes forever…”  (USA, March 2013)


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