This Clean boost, also can be used as a DI, buffer, switcher and multi function high headroom analog gain device.

Extreme headroom, dynamic, clean boost.
Two outputs that represent both + and – phase. This feature allows phase correcting Blackface and Silverface Fender amps, also you will be able to combine the channels for ultra flexibility and combined harmonics of parallel preamps.

Main output can be used as a standard unbalanced out or balanced out for interfacing to software guitar programs and recording equipment (balanced or unbalanced DI).
The Launch Pad has tremendous clean headroom that makes it an excellent signal buffer from unity gain to 20db boost.


Two outputs allow using the Launch Pad as an A/B with separate output levels. This also will allow you to drive separate or parallel effects chains with OD pre-driving from the Launch pad.
The Launch Pad can be used as a split to your tuner, this keeps the less than optimum audio performance tuner circuits out of your audio chain for much improved sonics.
The internal operating voltage of the Launch pad is 24 volts; this gives far greater headroom than traditional 9-18 volt clean boost pedals. This high voltage internal operation is achieved while still using a standard 9 volt adaptor or battery to power the Launch pad.


Barber Launch Pad Manual

The Launch Pad provides a high headroom clean boost, balanced DI, a/b switcher, tuner router/switch,phase corrector, parallel signal driver, buffer, high to low/medium impedance matcher.

Controls (volume -) adjusts final output level to negative phase output (Volume +) adjusts positive phaseoutput level and is the main output for standard boost functions (Sensitivity) this control sets the gain of theLaunch Pad in relation to the input signal, higher settings give a larger output and lower setting give a loweroutput.

For Standard high headroom Clean boost- set the controls as follows, set both of the volume control to full upposition, then use the sensitivity control to set the amount of boost you want, it is important to keep the volumecontrols set as high as possible for highest headroom from the Launch Pad. Use the (+) output to feed your amp.

For Buffer operation- set the sensitivity control to minimum level and adjust the (+) volume control to a levelthat matches your bypass signal, this is what is should be unity (signal sounds the same level when you use thebypass switch as when you have the Launch Pad engaged. Use the (+) output to feed your signal chain.

DI- To use as a direct interface to recording or mixing equipment (or any balanced input) set both volumes tofull up (this is VERY important!) then use the sensitivity control to set the output level you desire, be sure touse a ¼” TRS plug from the (+) output jack.

A/B switcher – Set the Launch Pad to switch between channels or amps by turning the (+) volume to minimumand the (–) volume to full maximum. Send the (–) output to one channel/amp and the (+) output to the otherchannel/amp. Set the sensitivity to minimum if you want the (–) output to act at the same level as your input. Ifyou want to attenuate the (–) output you can turn the (–) volume down; if you would like to add volume to the(–) output you can turn the sensitivity up. The (+) output will pass signal when the light on the Launch Pad isoff, the (–) output will pass signal when the Launch Pad light is on.

Tuner routing/switching-set the Launch Pad as desired for clean boost or buffer operation, send the (+) outputto your amplifier/mixer then run your tuner from the (–) volume and (–) output jack you can set the (–) volumeto give your tuner a signal that helps it track even better than your direct pickups!

Phase Corrector-This function can be used to run classic Blackface and Top Boost British amp with channelsin parallel for a much richer sound. These amps have two channels that are normally out of phase with eachother; without phase correction players could not combine channels. Set the (–) and (+) output levels of theLaunch Pad fairly high for lowest noise and highest headroom; these can be used to set the level/balance youwant for each channel of your amp. Use the sensitivity control to set the amount of overall boost you would likefrom the Launch Pad.

Impedance matcher- The Launch pad will match your high impedance instrument to medium/low impedancedevices, just set the (+) volume to maximum and connect the (+) output to your desired input (mixer, studiograde compressor/eq), then use the sensitivity control for the best output.Note: For best noise and headroom you should set your volumes maximum and sensitivity only as high asneeded, the volumes enable you to create balance when using two outputs and to achieve some attenuation if needed. It is also fine to use lower volume settings if you prefer the sound.

Use only 9 volt negative tip (center) power adaptors or damage will result, these are available at most musicstores. 9 volt alkaline battery can also be used.

Feel free to call Barber Electronics with questions 717-630-9191