The device is intended for the production of sound peculiar to «drive» channels of Soldano* amps. It is distinguished by specific type of overdrive: open, wide and at the same time tough and dynamic.

• AMT Legend Amps provide excellent playing dynamics characteristic for purely tube devices not in the least inferior to them.
• With tube-like limitation the effects of the series provide an amazing density and power of sound. When using AMT Legend Amps you won’t feel the need do cut out the most informative middle frequencies which in turn will provide great readability of your guitar in the mix.
• Like tube preamps AMT Legend amps provide gradual increase in the number of limiting stages as sensitivity grows.
• The preamps of the series use the passive circuits of tone formation which completely correspond to the adjustments of original tube overdrives.
• The high level of the preamps output signal (+10dB at maximum Level position) is the same as of tube preamps. It gives you the adjustable signal level which allows to connect the preamp to any input including Input POWER AMP.

• The preamps of the series are single-channel devices with passive bypass.
• AMT Legend Amps have two outputs: direct OUT and separate CAB.SIM.( to line-in)