3rd Power Amps Dream Solo 22W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

Meticulously designed, the 3rd Power Dream Solo Model 1 tube guitar combo amp produces mid-bump voicing that confidently conjures early ’60s American tone that cuts through the mix.HybridMASTER technology allows you to record or perform with the Dream Solo at any volume without sacrificing tone. Loaded with a 3P “aged” Eminence Legend V128 speaker that’s already broken in. The FlexCAB triangular speaker enclosure delivers sound without the typical ‘beam’ associated with standard combo amps, resulting in a huge sonic footprint.Hand-wired in the U.S.

Volume and Tone circuit with familiar feel
Bright switch
FlexCAB 112 cabinet delivers room-filling sound
Fixed-bias dual 6V6 output section
Global Presence control
Hand-wired point-to-point turret board construction throughout
Custom Heyboer transformers
Insert-style effects loop
3P “aged” Eminence Legend V128 12″ speaker