The Shin’s DRIVE CAT is a limited production model announced at the Sound Messe held in Osaka in April 2017.


Two modes of Over Drive and Distortion are installed. With the Drive Cat, you can enjoy the sound that goes from the royal road of sticky Over Drive, or straight and smooth Distortion all with this one unit.

From the switch in the middle, you can go between OD and Distortion with Drive, Tone, Volume Controls.  Over Drive (upper side of the switch) is a warm sound  with lots of mids. With the drive at about 7 o’clock, Tone set slightly lower than 10 o’clock, a light crunch sound is added

Distortion (lower side of the switch) makes crunch when lowering Gain, but a slightly clearer impression than in OD channel. As you raise Gain, a powerful rock sound is born! The humorous feeling when strumming a chord with a humbucker is very pleasant! !